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Despite considerable historical evidence to suggest otherwise, people who hail from South London (and Lewisham in particular) can accept instruction! Odyessy proclaimed on their massive hit record from back in the day that there were benefits to be had from “picking up your boots and going back to your roots.” To this end, I have recently found myself pondering about my time working at what was then (the early eighties) a hive of dub-filled activity.

Addis Ababa studios in Paddington, London was the place to be for pretty-much anyone who was making reggae music at the time. Addis Ababa afforded me the means to learn studio engineering, abuse sound recording levels in ways that are probably illegal in many countries, but more importantly: to witness first-hand how these fascinating records are actually made.

The Sound Principle has carved out a reputation for top-notch classic soul with highly regarded releases like: ‘Heartbreaking’, ‘What’s The Reason’ and more recently, ‘I Know What I Want’, but I grew up listening to tons of reggae music and being of Jamaican heritage, it’s kind of in my blood, so for the first time ever, The Sound Principle has made a reggae record!

Being raised by Jamaicans in South London shaped my core belief that rules were designed for other people to obey, so needless to say; TSP’s take on reggae breaks many rules! This eclectic fusion of old-school reggae, lush strings, stunning ‘diva’ vocals, plus some wonderful jazz guitar licks, shouldn’t really work – which is probably what someone perhaps said the first time musicians conspired to ‘drop’ on the ‘wrong’ beat and invented reggae music in the first place!

‘Because You Love Me’ (Dub Flava Mixes) by The Sound Principle – featuring Phillippia will be available on all digital platforms 28th August 2020. For further information, email:

Errol Michael Henry (The Sound Principle)

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