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‘First Night’ & ‘Your Side of Love’

‘First Night’ was Everett‘s debut single released on the i2 label, and you can safely say the track hit the ground running; jumping to the top of the soul music charts and immediately establishing this humble east London lad as a major tour de force on the r&B music scene.  Horns interplay with a dirty, fat bass and Everett’s delicious voice demonstrating just how when it’s done right…the old ways are the best!

East Londoner Everett is a very special talent indeed. His song ‘Your Side of Love’ exemplifies what we manifestly do best here in the UK; mashing together our unique heritage of funk, rare groove and soulful licks. Producer Karlos ‘Karlito’ Edwards draws out a superlative vocal performance from Everett and leaves his trademark orchestrally arranged fingerprints all over this fastidiously created gem. Dj’s – bring a neck brace for all the head nodders!


i2 Love Music, Vol.1 Featured Artist

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