The i2 Music Group is the home of the finest UK music, and it can honestly say that it has uncovered solid gold with the eclectic nature of the artists on our forthcoming new EP.

The Love Music Album Sampler Vol 1 is four tracks of heavenly, soulful bliss. You’ll find two tracks from the UK’s finest new artists and producers, alongside two stonking tracks from the US, demonstrating that when it comes to great music, the i2 Group bridges the Atlantic with its refined beats and grooves.

Kansas based Le Velle sets the tone for the summer with his seminal song Bring Back the Love. A contemporary track that wistfully takes us back to a time when we spoke to folk we didn’t even know! Le Velle’s masterful lyrics adjoined to The Sound Principle’s bumping production mix will smash the summer dance parties, as well as inspire us to change the direction the world is heading if we only Bring Back the Love.

Another track guaranteed to ‘blow your dancing socks off’ is Karlos Karlito Edwards’ I Need Your Lovin‘. Don’t be deluded into thinking you are listening to the dancefloor classic created by the late, inimitable Teena Marie. This is Karlito’s original arrangement from the ground up! With live strings and orchestration all constructed of the west London production genius’s hand. You can’t help but adore the effervescent rap provided by Benjamin AD that completes this vivacious song, lifted from the album Karlito’s Way.

South Carolinian born Carmichael MusicLover is an unstoppable force. An R&B singer, songwriter and producer built in the classic mould of what those artists should be. A man whose music doesn’t shy away from the genre’s original intent. His track The Love of a Woman is a heady concoction of infectious mid tempo beats and Carmichael’s heaven sent voice that will seduce both men and women alike. Just beware, you will fall in love!

In early 2017 i2 introduced the world to Everett. His track First Night sent the UK R&B charts into meltdown. The Londoner has now returned with his follow up track Your Side of Love, taken from his forthcoming album. Produced by Karlos Karlito Edwards, this track confirms Everett’s ascendancy towards the top plateau of UK neo soul and demonstrates his prodigious vocal talents, and consummate ability to create outstanding, eclectic material.