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i2 Recorded Music

Independent Label Services | A&R Support | Marketing & Distribution

We want talented people to focus on what they do best – making great music: knowing that their label administration, marketing and distribution are being properly taken care of

About i2 Recorded Music

The i2 Recorded Music Division enables artists, producers, managers and independent labels to explore creative possibilities – without the overheads, logistical and administrative issues associated with managing a record label. We encourage people to promote their corporate identities as labels, whilst we manage everything behind the scenes. We coordinate marketing and distribution plans for our partners. Our involvement is ultimately determined by client needs, but includes everything from A&R support to full label management.

i2 Music Group Chief Errol Michael Henry says: “Bringing creative people together from around the world increases their chances of success. ‘Because You Love Me’ by The Sound Principle – featuring Phillippia is a good case in point. Phillippia has worked in and around the Atlanta soul scene for many years, yet once Bernard Hill (i2 Music’s Head of International) alerted us to her potential, we put her to work with UK based musicians and engineers and the net result is a record of outstanding quality that harnesses the very best UK grooves and a truly outstanding, proper American ‘Diva’ lead vocal.

The Smokehouse

Phillippia and her husband Mac run their own label A2MG and i2 Recordings is working closely with them to develop her new recordings and to expand her commercial reach worldwide. Again, we’ve created a new imprint (On Lock Records) with Trevor Davy who is without question one of the most talented remixers/producers in the UK and he has also contributed remixes and new songs for The Phillippia Project. This fluid attitude of creative collaboration is producing astonishing results and when Phillippia heard what was being created on her behalf here in the UK she was simply amazed.”

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How we work with independent labels

Our relationship with Unifying Artists is a good example of how we empower people to achieve their long-standing goals. Trevor Speid (Unifying Artists owner) always wanted to work closely with artists, but didn’t want the headache of running every aspect of a record label. 

“i2 feels like a second family with a great support structure where we all have a common goal – it really is like coming home.” – Trevor Speid

Errol Michael Henry says: “Trevor’s relationship with the i2 Music Group means that he can access me or anyone else at the company based on his specific requirements. He and I talk all the time, yet when I speak to Phil Buchanan (A&R Director) or Lance Williamson (Head of Marketing & Media) they tell me about conversations they have had with him about entirely different matters.

The upside for us is that we are able to acquire really good recordings to add to our existing catalogue and Trevor gets to build his label without undue risk or fiscal exposure – everybody wins.” The i2 Music Group is expanding its scope of operations rapidly and the Recorded Music Division is driving much of that growth. Errol concludes: “joined-up thinking means that songwriters are seeing their compositions turned into fully fledged recordings, artists are being provided with better quality songs and consumers are being offered products that can compete with anything being produced by anybody – anywhere in the world today.”

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