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The i2 Music Group have joined forces with Trevor Davy to create a new label imprint: On Lock Records. The joint venture will be run by i2 Music Group founder: Errol Michael Henry and Trevor Davy – who heads Severe Imprint Records, Coffee Cuts and Severe Imprint Productions. Errol and Trevor have a creative and business relationship that spans more than 2 decades.

Errol says: “When I first met Trevor back in 1996, I knew immediately that he had tremendous ability. His supreme skills as a musician are supplemented by his outstanding abilities as an arranger and producer. We clicked immediately and have remained friends ever since. He and I have talked about starting this label for years, but we finally decided that now was the right time to make the idea a reality. We have so much fun working together and the records we are creating sound amazing.”

Errol & Trevor have already enjoyed tremendous success, both individually and as a production duo: including co-producing the much loved anthem “Bizzi’s Party”. Trevor is better known these days as Prefix One and is currently enjoying great success as an artist and producer.

Trevor says: “Errol and I have known each other for a long time. He understands what I am about and trusts my creative instincts. Our relationship is based on a great deal of mutual personal and professional respect so that makes the work so much easier to do. We collaborate musically, we make all of the key decisions together and I am really enjoying what we are accomplishing here at ON LOCK Records.”

Creating a brand new label with its own unique sound would normally take years to accomplish, but that is exactly what Errol and Trevor have already achieved with ON LOCK Records. The formula they have developed is built on a winning combination of quality songs, outstanding vocals and top notch productions.

New releases featuring superb vocal performances by Richard Anthony Davis, Hil St Soul, Phillippia, Everett and legendary US all girl group: Klymaxx are due for release during the 1st quarter of 2017.

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