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i2 Creative Services co-ordinates multiple aspects of an artists career: leading to better quality products, greater efficiency, reduced costs and improved creative synergy.

Recording studios

The i2 Music Group is affiliated with two fully equipped recording studios. The flagship London facility features a classic CADAC recording console and an extensive collection of microphones and analogue outboard. The live room is one of the biggest in East London and we’ve been making quality records there for independent artists, producers and major record labels since 1992.

A brand new residential recording facility was recently built in the French countryside – just a short drive from Calais. Another vintage CADAC console (with total recall) takes pride of place and the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere is much appreciated by the musicians and producers who work there.

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Music mixing

i2 Creative Services represents recording engineers and producers. Our team of experts are highly experienced with both modern software solutions and classic analogue gear. Having access to a pool of dedicated mix engineers means that the artists, producers and labels who partner with our recorded music division have direct access to people who can deliver consistent results of the highest order. Our engineers are available to mix/record a broad spectrum of projects so don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we might be of service to you.

Music mastering

Mastering is the final process that your music goes through before it is offered for sale to the general public, so getting it right really matters. We utilise class A analogue equipment and digital mastering software to ensure that your music sounds warm, crystal clear and super professional. Adding the correct type and levels of compression, EQ and definition could help your music to stand out from the crowd, so let i2 Creative Services add a touch of class to your next release.

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Graphic design

A smart looking sleeve cover or logo is an important aspect of modern music marketing. We fully appreciate that some artists: especially newcomers to the music scene might need help getting their packaging right. i2 Creative services have also facilitated graphic designs for world-renowned artists too. We work with a dedicated team of graphic designers who have created iconic sleeve designs and artwork for some of the biggest names in music including: Roxy Music, The Rolling Stones, Queen, 360 band and Jah Wobble. We can design your logo, front cover or merchandise range.

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