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Sweetest Bend Over

Abstract Minds

About the Project

How can a track be so raucous, so raunchy and sassy without crossing into the realms of obscenity? When the track is the ‘Sweetest Bend Over’ by Abstract Minds

Abstract Minds are a unit straight outta New York who don’t pretend to be anything other than inspirational musicians who can swagger across musical boundaries with their melodic creations. Made up of David Burnett, Jerome Dickens, and Caprice Todmann, this trio barge headlong through the gates of hip hop, dirty funk and rock with their latest release ‘Sweetest Bend Over’.

All three are established, well renowned musicians and producers in the US scene. Burnett playing bass in sessions for Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez. Guitar playing Dickens having recorded and toured with Diana Ross and Teddy Riley. Singer/songwriter Todmann having provided vocals for an array of musical projects.

The talent pool on this track doesn’t stop there. Joseph Padovani (aka Joeyo) brings his captivating harmonies to the track, and guess who turns up at the bridge part? No less than celebrated New York rapper ‘Nine’, who spits a hip grinding rap that only someone who has featured on tracks by Madonna, Portishead and the Beastie Boys could deliver.

For further information about ‘Sweetest Bend Over’ please Contact Lance Williamson

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