‘I’m Back For More!’

By Errol Michael Henry

Despite the perceived glamour of the entertainment business, the life of a music producer more arduous than most people probably imagine. After years of continuous artist development, record production, label/artist management, music publishing and International deal-making I was a tad fatigued. I needed to take some time to consider my next move because I simply was not prepared to slip seamlessly into the depressing cycle of cynicism and bitterness that has (sadly) consumed so many creative people who have seen their hopes and dreams utterly shattered by what can at times be a cruel and unforgiving business.

The music industry has undergone massive changes over the past few years and more upheaval is on the horizon. I decided that I should take a break from the business and pursue some of my other interests (I also write books and personal development training programmes) whilst figuring out my next musical move.

It’s seems slightly surreal that having spent countless hours slaving over hot mixing desks in London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York – I would not set foot in a recording studio for more than ten years. The good news is that my time away from the coalface gave me a much-needed opportunity to properly assess my past, present and future. Some people are in the music business solely for material gain: others do it for the lure of fame (even without the assurance of fortune). I was always drawn to music by the way it makes me feel: I needed to figure out how best to get back to where I started: just making records that engender a certain feeling and are constructed lovingly for the sheer joy of doing it.

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A chance encounter with Shirley Jones (of the legendary group: The Jones Girls) led to us recording “Because You Love Me.” I knew the moment I sat in the studio listening to that recording – I was going to get myself fully immersed in the process of producing heartfelt, authentically made soul music again. Yes, piracy and an endemic disregard for copyright laws won’t go away, but there are still decent people who want to buy properly made records by credible artists – so Intimate Records was reborn. My next challenge was deciding what do first. Building a record label from nothing involves lots of compromises – but I was done compromising, so some things needed to change. It dawned on me that writing music and producing records were the aspects of the industry I most enjoyed: so that was what I would focus on now that I was back in play.

I began reviewing recordings I had started years ago but never finished, as well as new material that I had written (but never recorded) during my sabbatical. I also decided that instead of using my creative energy to adapt my compositions to other artists or labels, I should in fact: optimize those songs to suit the purpose for which they were originally created – I really liked them! Time for full disclosure! Intimate Records was initially a happy accident. I needed and output for my productions: which in turn, had been created to demonstrate the potential of the songs I (and others) had written. The Intimate ‘formula’ such as it is doesn’t require rocket science to understand.

“We write (or source) high quality songs, match them to top quality vocalists, then produce them to the highest artistic and technical standards (utilizing some of the finest musicians in the world) – then offer the end-result to people who appreciate that sound.” – Errol Michael Henry

So here’s the bottom line. I am very much back at my vintage mixing desk: making (what I sincerely believe to be) the best music of my career to-date. Intimate Records is the home of ‘The Sound Principle’ and the music currently being created under that banner represents everything I ever wanted to achieve from an artistic perspective. No compromises, no external interference or corporate baggage: just properly made records designed from the outset to make people feel good.

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“Heartbreaking” was released to critical acclaim and “What’s The Reason?” (featuring Hil St Soul) will further enhance The Sound Principle’s growing reputation for beautifully made soul music. In keeping with my ‘back to my roots’ core philosophy, all new Intimate releases will initially be available exclusively on vinyl before being offered digitally at a later date.

I am looking forward: full of hope and expectation. There are challenges ahead and problems to solve, but Intimate Records will deliver track after track of premium, genuine, thoughtfully crafted soul music – I personally guarantee it.

I appreciate all of the love shown to me since my return: I must say: “It’s good to be back.”