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“I absolutely love the fact that Intimate Records: my longest established label – has a pretty specific ‘type.’ We only sign a certain kind of artist to the Intimate imprint. We only work with a particular type of producer: meaning that Intimate Records remains respectful of the dedicated audience it has built up over nearly three decades. I’d be inundated with phone calls and letters if Intimate were ever to release a ‘grime’ track. I am very much a guardian of the label’s proud heritage and would never do anything to alienate the consumers, DJ’s and retail outlets who are so incredibly passionate about this label” says Errol Michael Henry.

He continues: “The downside of course is that I have had to walk away from a lot of music that I personally liked, but it just wasn’t right for Intimate Records. I’ve been around a little while and I’ve gained invaluable experience about the inner workings of the music business. I recognised that I could utilise some of that experience to good effect by working with other people who are coming from a different musical place. I am also ever-increasingly involved in label partnerships where i2 Recordings joins forces with another label to work on shared projects.

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Technology has made music-making an easier proposition; so more people are establishing their own labels. It may sound attractive (in theory), but the reality for most people is that managing a record company represents one of the most efficient means known to mankind for making a small fortune: out of what was once a large one! i2 Recordings is all about collaborations. I help other talented musicians to realize their creative objectives and provide an impenetrable shield from all of the ‘noise’ generated by the industry at times.

I have always been a keen advocate of strategic partnerships: i2 Recordings simply enables me to collaborate with a much wider range of people than was previously possible: I am really excited about its future and the music we are going to be releasing.”

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The first release on i2 Recordings was ‘Karlito’s Way’ by Karlos ‘Karlito’ Edwards. The album features an all-star cast including: Omar, Junior Giscombe, Don-E, Paul Johnson and Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Williams. Classic tracks from the 80’s and 90’s are revisited and reworked by Karlito to great effect.

“i2 Recordings was designed to make it easier to engage with a much wider range of creative people and I am really enjoying the diversity and the new soundscapes I am experiencing.” – Errol Michael Henry

Errol explains: “When I first met Karlos it was pretty obvious that I was going to get involved with his project. He had already done a huge amount of work on his own and I was keen to offer him my support wherever necessary. Sometimes it’s just another pair of ears or a different perspective about a creative issue.

He knows that he can call me and I’ll give him an honest opinion, and then leave him to make up his own mind. The excellent new EP by soul newcomer Everett was written and produced by Karlito and is already building strong support at radio stations around the UK.”

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